Different Types of Anabolic Steroids 

All niche audiences congregate in certain places, and we have visited lots of sites where Anabolic Steroids has been the topic of much discussion. But what many people probably are not aware of is how far-reaching it is in our lives. Our experience has been along those same lines, and learning more about the little things has helped us. Remember that as you understand the implications of the following points, then hopefully things will become more clear. Even if you feel that a particular application or piece of information does not speak to you directly, we urge you to have an open mind about it.  

Many people have knowledge of Anabolic Steroids, and aren't surprised that they are used in the sports industry. In any event, it's worth keeping in mind that each of the varied types of steroids acts upon an individual in it's own unique fashion. A wide range of different steroids are available exclusively for use by doctors and other health care providers to treat their patients. Athletes aren't the only people who benefit from the effects of steroids. Steroids are fat soluble chemical compounds produced by the adrenal glands. The commercial uses of certain types have created an industry to produce them synthetically. There are three classes into which these synthetic steroids have been grouped: Anabolic Steroids, androgenic steroids, and corticosteroids.


Well, there is more to come with our discussion of Anabolic Steroids, so we hope you are finding it to be useful. What we like to do is be as neutral as possible because it is more important for you to consider each part on its own merit. Whether or not every single point or item will totally apply to you is unknown to us, so we try to present a good overview. You will be best served if your knowledge is broad, and then you can fill in any details with further research. If you are really pressed for time, then choose quality information over quantity, always. We all have the same amount of time each day, but we think what normally occurs is people learn to focus. As always, take care of your self or perhaps someone else if you are helping them with this research. 


An anabolic steroid that has the same effect as testosterone for sale - fat loss and enhanced muscle mass - is Sustanon. The layperson's explanation of how this steroid acts is that it causes muscles to take in more protein. Muscle tissue is mainly made up of protein, a fact most people realize. You may wonder why the muscles of a professional body builder appear different than "normal" muscles. There is a very easy explanation for this phenomenon. Sustanon, and other steroids, cause an increase in the amount of muscle fibers in the muscle mass. Not only will the muscle mass appear larger, the actual muscles will look different. A high red blood count as a result of using steroids is advantageous for greater endurance and, ultimately, a speedier recovery.  


When you inject Anabolic Steroids, it takes longer for the effects to be felt. However, one advantage of using injectable steroids is the fact that they are better tolerated. Also, some of the adverse side effects of many orally taken steroids are not as present with the injection types. You must not forget that you do not inject these steroids into your blood stream. Rather, injectable steroids are injected intramuscularly. This must be done slowly. A significant disadvantage for many people when they consider using injectable steroids is that they can be found in their bodies several months after discontinued use.  

The tarnished reputation that anabolic steroids have received over the years is not necessarily without merit. It is not surprising that the after-effect of the use of these steroids can be both dangerous and can even lead to death. The drugs in this genre are very diverse and it would benefit you to learn more about them. You will find other categories of steroids that are only in use by the medical community. Often times they can be extremely helpful in dire situations such as with AIDS patients. Medical and scientific research continues to work toward a deeper understanding of steroids. 

In the fitness world, anabolic steroids are a hot topic. People have a lot of misconceptions about what they actually do and how they work inside your body. When you understand them better, it's easier to see which ones might be the right choice for you, and which ones should be avoided at all costs.

In this article i'll look at some of the more common types of anabolic steroids out there, and break down how they work so that you can get a better understanding of each one.

Anadrol (Oxymetholone):

This is one of the oldest types on the market, originally developed in 1960 by American pharmaceutical company Searle (now part of Pfizer). It was first used as a secondary treatment option for anemia, chronic infections and severe trauma cases.

Anadrol is a 17-alpha alkylated steroid. This basically means the molecule has been altered to survive being ingested into your system intact. Other steroids that are 17-aa include Dianabol, Anavar and Winstrol. 

All of them are covered in detail below. The real strength of this type of steroid is its ability to dramatically increase the red blood cell count in your body, giving you more oxygen to carry around and feed into your muscles as you train, which leads to much better gains in lean muscle mass and strength than training alone would generally provide for you. It also has very strong anti-catabolic properties; this means it kills off catabolic (muscle wasting) hormones like cortisol, which are very common in weight training. This is why it's often used by bodybuilders during their cutting phase before a competition.

What to expect if you take it:

Anadrol carries with it side effects common to most oral steroids, due to its 17-aa structure. The biggest of these include full blown male pattern baldness, severe anger issues and water retention leading to potential edema (swelling). For this reason, women should avoid taking anadrole at all costs, as the steroid has been found to cause irreversible virilization(development of masculine characteristics) when taken by women. Also fenugreek extract is recommended while using Anadrol as this helps in preventing hair loss and reducing the chances of virilization. The side effects of anadrol include nausea, headaches, valid acnes (pimples), constipation, diarrhea, vomiting and insomnia. It also increases your blood pressure which makes it not suitable for people with heart conditions.

Dianabol (Methandrostenolone):

This is one of the most popular steroids out there today due to its extremely low price tag when compared to other anabolic steroids on the market. One 100mg tablet will typically cost you anywhere from $5-15 in many online stores depending on how much they have in stock at any given time, making this type very attractive to most athletes who are new to the world of anabolics.

Dianabol is a 17-alpha alkylated steroid, meaning it has been altered in order to survive ingestion by your body intact; it will then be carried around via your blood stream to your muscle cells. Once it makes its way into muscle cells, enzymes inside those cells begin converting (or 'methylating') that steroid into Methandrostenolone. This is where the name Dianabol comes from; in chemistry terms nandrolone is referred to as 4-chloro-17a-methyl-androsta-1,4 dien-3b-ol. This type of steroid also converts very easily in the body at one carbon atom (hence one of its main nicknames is 'Dbol'), so it's just as easy to convert one D-Anabol into another, i.e Dianabol can be converted into Anadrol or Winstrol with relative ease if the user chooses.

This converts extremely well into both strength and mass gains in muscle tissues, while also increasing red blood cell count, all of which make this type more popular than many other types on the market; it's often used by athletes who are looking for a strong boost in size and strength without worrying about side effects like bloating or water retention (which can affect users of Anadrol).

What to expect if you take it: Luckily for most people buying Dianabol online nowadays, they're usually provided with tablets containing only 25mg of Methandrostenolone. Due to this, most inexperienced users should consider taking the drug at a dosage of 40-60mg per day for no more than 8 weeks. Some bodybuilders such as those looking to bulk up and gain significant amounts of weight will take anywhere from 40-100mg daily; this is considered a very high dose and should only be attempted if you're experienced in using anabolic steroids (you can do serious damage to your liver and other organs if abused). Also it's good to note that Dianabol has been banned by many sporting bodies due to its enhancement capabilities; this means there won't be any testing done before or after competitions.

Anavar is a modified version of Dihydrotestosterone(DHT), the only difference between both steroids being that while Anavar has an oxygen atom in its molecular structure, Dianabol does not. This makes Anavar more resistant to breaking down in your liver and it is therefore considered one of the safer types on the market today; this variation was created with women's health in mind as most other anabolic steroids are toxic for females. It also doesn't convert to estrogen which means you won't have to deal with side effects such as bloating or male pattern baldness, but you will still experience significant strength and weight gain. Another key benefit of taking this type is that it's very effective for burning fat, which makes it a popular choice for those looking to get ripped as well as muscular.

Anavar is also extremely cheap compared to other anabolic steroids on the market today at only $2-5 per tablet depending on where you buy it from and how many you're purchasing at a time. It's rare to find 100 tablets of Anavar for under $250 and many times they can be found going for half that price or less, making this steroid very attractive to most athletes who are tight with their money.

What to expect if you take it: A common mistake made by newbies is taking too much Anavar at one time, which results in side effects such as nausea, headaches and liver damage. While it's good to know that Anavar is normally supplied in tablet form, the average dosage for most athletes is between 15mg-30mg per day, taken around three times daily. For the inexperienced bodybuilder taking less than 30mg each time can ease your body into using this drug until you become more experienced with it. A popular approach among older adults who are new to anabolic steroids is taking 5mg of Anavar every day, exercising and eating healthy; many people believe this approach allows them to slowly build up their tolerance and experience minimal side effects.

Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate)

This steroid works by providing your body with additional testosterone, which has an extremely positive impact on your overall performance; not only does it make working out easier by increasing the amount of oxygen in your blood, but it also drastically improves both mental and physical performance.

What to expect if you take it: Deca is normally supplied in tablet form containing 50mg of Nandrolone Decanoate per dose (most often found at a dosage of 200mg-500mg per week), but there are injectable versions available as well. If you're new to using steroids then the best advice we can give you about Deca is that you should start off slow since it's highly likely that you will feel some side effects such as nausea, headaches or even hair loss during the first six weeks of using it. 

Furthermore you will also experience a significant increase in body hair growth, which is why many women avoid using Nandrolone with the exception of when they want to start building muscle and improving their overall appearance. Price: 100 tablets of 10mg cost $15 for those who purchase them online, but that price more than doubles if you're shopping at a popular supplement store.

NPP (Nandrolone Phenylpropionate) Just like Deca Durabolin NPP works by increasing your natural levels of testosterone without any conversion process being necessary; this makes it extremely effective at providing your body with additional protein and more oxygen while working out, so it's commonly taken by athletes such as swimmers and sprinters.

What to expect if you take it: In order for this steroid to produce results it needs to be taken at a dosage of 200mg-500mg per week, but the effects will only be noticeable after several weeks of taking Nandrolone Phenylpropionate. While there are no significant side effects that have been reported from using this type, beginners can expect moderate side effects such as headaches and nausea during their first few weeks of use. Most athletes find the best approach is slowly building up their tolerance to Nandrolone by starting off with a low dose taken every other day for five days before increasing the dosage slightly. Price: 100 tablets of 10mg cost $15 when purchased online.

GHB (Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate)

This is a great workout supplement for beginners who are new to taking steroids since GHB has the ability to produce incredible muscle growth while also improving your overall mood. It's even used by many adults in order to help them get through their day without feeling depressed or anxious, which makes it one of the few drugs that have become so popular among non-athletes.

What you can expect if you take GHB: If you're under 180lbs then 3mg will usually be enough while heavier athletes benefit from anywhere between 5mg and 10mg every three hours throughout the day. As far as side effects go GHB doesn't carry any serious risks for most healthy adult users since its only interaction with your brain takes place when you finish exercising. Price: 100 tablets of 10mg typically cost $15 when purchased online.

RU486 (Mifepristone) This is a popular steroid for beginners since it's often used by men who are willing to give up their testicles in exchange for an increase in muscle growth; while this might sound like a crazy idea, the truth is that Mifepristone is actually very effective at helping your body produce more HGH and IGF-1.

What to expect if you decide to take it: This steroid has the ability to stop your natural production of testosterone completely after just two weeks, but that doesn't mean there aren't any side effects during period since most people experience night sweats, headaches and decreased libido until their body adjusts to using Mifepristone. On average it takes around 10 weeks before users will experience any form of significant strength increase, so for best results your dosage should be increased gradually over this time period. Price: 100 tablets of 10mg cost $15 when purchased online.

Norbolethone This is one the most popular types of steroids available since you can take it without having to worry about negative side effects such as hair loss or high blood pressure; surprisingly Norbolethone is actually an analogue that has been developed in order to replace Methandrostenolone (Dianabol) due to its tendency for causing liver damage.

What you can expect if you decide to use it: When taking Norbolethone you won't experience any noticeable side effects until your dosage reaches 1.5mg per day, but after 8-12 weeks it still produces better results than other types of steroids since it has the ability to help increase muscle growth by over 23%. Users typically split their dosage into two separate servings each day by taking half in the morning and the other half before working out for maximum effectiveness. Price: 100 tablets of 10mg cost $40 when purchased online.


Parabolan is one steroid that has properties from two different classifications: anabolic and androgenic. The strength of Parabolan is five times greater than testosterone. One benefit the users of Parabolan really appreciate is that it not only burns fat cells, but it revs up the growth of muscle cells as well. The catabolic action is decreased when someone takes Parabolan and, as a result, allows muscle mass to increase. The breakdown and release, as energy, of the protein in the muscle mass is a result of catabolism. Parabolan inhibits catabolism, which is preferable to body builders who wish to keep the protein in their muscles. 

Keeping as much protein in their muscles as they can is a priority with bodybuilders; therefore, they would find Parabolan a very beneficial steroid. The conversion of a greater percentage of the food consumed into muscle mass, and less into fat cells, is a benefit of Parabolan that body builders appreciate. The androgenic effects caused by the use of anabolic steroids are just a fact of life that is inevitable. Androgens have both advantages and real drawbacks that many athletes seem to accept. One of the benefits of using androgens that appeals to bodybuilders is the fact that they rev up the production of protein, which causes the muscles to grow. The disadvantages of androgenic effects in males involve causing interference with the normal functions of the male reproductive system. A couple of negative side-effects for women who take steroids include menstrual problems and a larger clitoris. 

Human Growth Hormone / HGH

The answer gets very confusing, and it can be very difficult to understand it overall. When someone asks straight tout whether or not human growth hormone is illegal, the fast answer is, no, well, it isn’t but it’s regulated highly so that you shouldn’t be able to just go to the drug store and pick some up. Heavily regulated does not mean illegal, and that’s the biggest issue that most people have with this. With so many people interested in this substance which has been proven to seriously help with fighting aging, recovery from working out, and medical miracles that are reported on a regular basis, it’s easy to see why many are looking at procuring a great deal of this stuff for their lifting needs.

In order to get proper HGH, you will need to find a doctor that can prescribe it. That’s right, it’s controlled and regulated so that you need to go to a special doctor and get it. It’s usually given to those that are in dire need of gaining weight because without it, they will die due to collapse and stress on the body. This option is not meant to be given to performance enhancing seekers, but then again, there are a lot of different resources in the medical community that would say otherwise.

If you have it in large quantities and it’s synthetic you can get in trouble. There are laws on the books that require you to have a valid prescription. Much like you would have to have this for anything that would be used as a pain reliever that is sometimes sold on the streets.

Reference:  https://anabolic.co/hgh-human-growth-hormone/

Sustanon  / Sustanon 250

To start with, Sustanon is one of the most popular anabolic steroids that are being sold today. Most of these anabolic steroids are used in sports by almost every athlete. Anabolic steroids are typically used in order to increase the level of the athlete’s performance and also to increase the body mass of bodybuilders. Unlike before when steroids are only used by males, steroids today can already be used by both to change their body composition.

Once you started taking Sustanon 250, your performance will be increased and developed in terms of several action mechanisms such as increase in protein synthesis, your nitrogen retention will be elevated and protein breakdown reduction. The sensitivity of your androgen receptor will also be increased, fat mass will be reduced, your androgen receptor will be regulated, and all the growth factors will be developed and elevated. The person who is taking Sustanon will also have an improved sexual desire and at the same time performance. And last but not the least; your catabolic hormones will be lowered.


One steroid that is delivered via intramuscular injection is Adequan. It has been in use for a long time. Adequan was developed to treat joint failure and loss of range of motion and flexion, combined with painful inflammation. Adequan is very popular for the treatment of horses, dogs, and cats but bodybuilders haven't found it that useful. This does not, by any means, suggest that other sports that are more prone to joint trauma do not use Adequan. Daily trauma to the joints of horses during daily use gave rise to the development of Adequan. 

Due to the fact that Adequan has been around for countless years, it was not unforeseen that newer steroid treatments and therapies have been conceived. Aflutop is a much newer steroid with similar uses to Adequan. It is now replacing Adequan in the industry. Unfortunately, the androgenic effects of anabolic steroid use are impossible to escape. Athletes accept both the good points and bad points of using androgenic hormones. Muscle growth caused by the stimulation of protein production is one of the features body builders like about using androgens. The reproductive system of a male athlete who uses androgens might not function normally. Irregular menstrual cycles, or none at all, as well as the enlargement of the clitoris are two results women who take steroids might experience. 

When a person takes an anabolic steroid, the androgenic effects can become apparent in different locations throughout the body. Therefore, if someone is going to take anabolic steroids, it's always a good idea to learn as much as they can about the possible androgenic effects they might experience. 

Androstenedione / Andro

We will discuss Androstenedione because some may confuse this androgenic steroid for being an anabolic type. There have been studies in years past in which there were no significant, if any, gains made in muscle size or fat loss with Androstenedione, or commonly called Andro. That there is nothing to be gained by the use of Andro by performance athletes or bodybuilders is the consensus of opinion derived by past years of scientific study of this steroid. Furthermore, this readily-available steroid exhibits estrogenic effects due to the by-products produced during metabolism. In order for Andro to cause this problem for men, it is necessary to take dosages in the range that will also produce estrogenic effects.  


Many men are looking for effective ways to enhance their performance. One of their options is to buy testosterone for a well-tolerated and more effective anabolic steroid. This product, which is used by many men, is found in some specific online stores also. Testosterone is a primary anabolic androgenic steroid wherein some anabolic steroids left are measured. When they buy steroids, they will get several benefits from it.

Males are the primary consumers who buy testosterone or steroids. It is also a great choice for those who are looking for an effective anabolic steroid. It is usually taken by healthy adult males to improve their performance and live their life to the fullest. Because of its ability and benefits provided, it is now recognized by many men especially those who want to improve their male performance. Thus, it is now becoming more in demand to the men from across the globe.

Testosterone comes in different forms and you have to decide the best one for you. By taking steroids for your male performance, you will surely see the difference and feel like a new man again. Each of these forms is carrying the same testosterone hormones that are identical. Regardless of the chosen form, the hormone itself will not change anyway. The actions of hormones inside the body and its benefits stay the same. There are various esters that may be attached, large and small ones, and those in between nature.

Clenbuterol / CLEN

Choosing to Buy Clenbuterol for losing weight is not an easy thing to do. In fact, this task can be considered as one of the hardest thing to do among all the tasks that a human will want to do but is not just that simple to achieve.

In truth, no matter how much a person may want to lose weight if there are just a lot of things that discouraged them, the more that they will be disheartened on pursuing that. One of the major factors of that discouragement issue about losing weight is not having any spare time to be allocated for exercising or any activities that may help them to lose weight, which is the most case for everyone. There are also other options that can be performed and achieved in just a short while but it involves spending a large amount of money, which automatically cancels it out as an option since not all individuals will be able to access that.

As a solution, supplements were formulated and introduced in the market in order to help those persons who want to lose weight. As of this moment, these supplements are already the most popular means that are being utilized. One of those supplements is the Clenbuterol.


When you choose to buy steroids such as Andriol, you are going to have the control on the dosage of your steroids. You will not have to suffer from the pain of having regular injections just to get the effects of the steroids for your body. What you should do is to ensure that this product will not give any side effects on your condition and will not counter react with the current medications that you are taking. In this way, you are assured that you will not feel any side effects while you continue with your regular physical activities and build your muscles just the way you want it. 

To buy Andriol will save you from having regular visit to your doctor just to have the injection. Though the product should be taken in large dosages, there are no worries about the side effects because this product is safely made to ensure that you and other people will get the benefits of the product. Just make sure that you are going to have the regular intakes so that you can gain its benefits and learn to live with the good results that these steroids can provide.

It is important that when you choose to buy Andriol, you are aware of its usual dosages. It would be better if you have it checked by your physician to ensure that it is safe for you to take. With many people’s comment about the effectiveness of the product, you should not doubt having to use this product. You can make sure that when you choose to buy Andriol, your problems with lacking with strength will never be a problem and your dream to be the best bodybuilder with impressive built of muscles is easily attainable. With the use of this product, all that you have to worry about is the maintenance of your body once you reach your goal.

Winstrol / Winni V

Winstrol is used for cycles known as cutting. This is where lean muscle replaces fat deposits in the body, and the fat is literally cut. Further definition in the muscle system starts to show, and after weeks of being on this, it’s time to switch to a more testosterone like option. By flowing through different cycles of bulk, cutting, and going back and forth, you can take the body on a ride that reaches for the definition that is needs to be had in order to get big and defined.

Bulk without cutting will not look nearly as good, which is why many that are starting out can lift a great deal, look strong and big, but are not chiseled like the leaders in the body building world. Supplements help, but it’s really a matter of going through the different cycles with the help of Winstrol and other options to gain a foothold in the defining points of this process. Without cutting, there would be no major striations found fast, and over time, things will get harder to pack on and keep on, as the arduous conditioning required to get to the top levels of bodybuilding is difficult.



It would be hard to argue that anabolic steroids are safe, to the contract their side effects can be quite severe. In spite of the fact that it's no secret steroids are harmful, people continue to use them. The temptation of bulking up quickly, more endurance, and greater strength is too much for some people to pass up. At the professional performance levels, there can be the effect of taking enhancing hormones to be able to compete with others who are taking them. Here we'll discuss some of the latent side effects that steroids may have on the body. 

There are a specific set of conditions that will ultimately determine to what extent these substances damage your body. That being said, there is a considerable body of evidence that the liver will sustain damage. Minor liver damage is almost a certainty, but more extreme degrees of damage may result in cancer or even organ failure. In addition to liver damage, the kidneys can also sustain considerable damage. These risks are greater when the steroids are ingested by mouth. However, injecting the steroids seems to lessen the amount of inherent risk. One somewhat unexpected side effect of muscle growth due to steroid use concerns simple geometry. The muscles can grow so much that they actually begin to interfere with other anatomical parts. The ever-enlarging muscles can encroach on the space requirements needed by bones and joints, for example. Understandably this makes for a difficult time for the athlete. But this is what the high level athlete may have to deal with among other issues. The long term use of anabolic steroids becomes less and less effective as time goes on. With this condition it is common to see additional bone fractures. 

More grave liver ailments that can come with anabolic steroid abuse such as growths that are of the cancer and non-cancer form. Some of the benign tumors will actually reverse their growth when the patient stops taking steroids. Hepatic carcinoma, or cancer of the liver, has been seen in athletes in which anabolic steroid use was present. Dealing with these byproducts is terrible, unfortunately the condition can worsen with different elements. Very often the symptoms of these serious problems will go unnoticed for quite a while. Certain liver illnesses like masses on the liver will not be discovered by the regular blood tests. The side effects of anabolic steroids are incredibly diverse and range from socially awkward to criminal. If people push to the edge with these materials, death can sometimes result. You must go though you physician if you need anabolic steroids for short term medical use. Even though these steroids have excellent uses within modern medicine, they are administered under very controlled dosages. Side effects are then negated and the medicines can be used safely under medical supervision.